Microsoft HoloLens: What Is It And How Is It Different?

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Microsoft is really outdoing itself this time, especially with its latest new releases and gadget. There are so many things that Microsoft is involved in, and no one knows what really to expect from this tech giant. Microsoft is basically focused on their vision for the future, and they are ready to wow their consumers with the latest technology that is out of this world. With several of Microsoft projects under development, one of the items to be deployed into the market is the Microsoft’s HoloLens, which was recently unveiled. The HoloLens is a smooth and sleeked designed headset that comes with a transparent lens, enabling you to see the world around you. You will be able to see the world transformed together with 3D objects floating within the environment that you are supposed to be in. With such invention taking place now, who can tell where we will be in the near future, 10 to 20 years from now?

What is the HoloLens and how does it really Work?

It not that the HoloLens is actually producing 3D images that one can touch or see. The technology behind the HoloLens allows the wearer only to see specific images in a room. Everyone else in the room will just see that you a wearing funny looking glasses. Microsoft is not trying to bring a whole new world to you as compared to most VR goggles, but instead, they are using the world you already live in and bring the 3D objects to that world. Microsoft has designed it in a way that the images and object that you see will be overlaying into your environment. Once you wear the HoloLens, you will just see the real world in front of you, but with a difference. You will not have to worry about hitting and bumping into walls or people.

The goggles have been designed in a way that they will track your movements, and there will be a light aimed at your eye so as to transform what you see. Since the device has been setup to know where you are, one just needs to use their hand gestures so as to interact with the 3D images. This is done by a midair click (raising and lowering your finger).

There are other hardware devices that have been designed to help you interact with the HoloLens. These devices have a variety of sensors which enable the goggles to sense your movements within a room. By doing this, the tech will then use this data to create layers of colored glass, which in the end will develop images that you as the user can interact with.

The goggle comes with a camera fitted to it, so it will automatically detect where chairs, tables, and other objects are. By doing this, it will project the 3D images on top of the items or even inside them.

Is It Different From The Oculus Rift?

When you look at the Oculus Rift for the first time, you may say that it resembles the HoloLens, but that might be the only similarity that you may guess. Microsoft’s HoloLens has been designed to help us interact with the normal world while the Oculus rift takes us to a whole new world. Oculus basically tricks your brain that you have been taken to a whole new world, which is totally different with what the HoloLens is trying to do. In the end, the Microsoft HoloLens aims at transforming businesses and enable new possibilities to crop up when it comes to how we interact.

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