The Best Dating Apps for iPhone

One of the benefits of having a smartphone in 2017 is all the apps that are devoted to helping their users find a significant other. There are lots of apps that are available for an iPhone that are devoted to that very purpose. Some are for more casual get-togethers and others are devoted to those who are seeking a more permanent relationship.
From Tinder to eHarmony, there are lots of different types of dating apps available on the iPhone. Coffee Meets Bagel presents an approach where ladies have more control by getting the chance to make the final choice. There are dating apps to devoted to farmers, Christians, and all sorts of groups, so no one gets left out in 2017.
One thing to keep in mind is that it’s important to be safe while using an online dating app. Not sharing private information and being smart about who one meets up with are good guidelines for those that want to get into online dating.

The Top Dating Apps for iPhone

Coffee Meets Bagel

This is a dating app that gives ladies a bit more control over the interaction. Of course, as always it should be men that make the first move, but when it comes to online dating it tends to be a bit safer and more reasonable when women have more of an option over who interacts. Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the most exciting new apps that allow users to interact once they’ve made a match. The catch with this dating app for smartphones is that there are a limited number of users that a person can either like or pass on every day
They can also put pictures up to the photo lab, and other users will vote on which photo they like the best, so users know which of their photos users will prefer.


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps on any smartphone. It has around 50 million users using its services. Tinder is notorious for being mostly a “hook-up” app, but there are millions of matches made through it every day, and many are bound to become something more. Users swipe right if they are interested, and left if they prefer to pass on the user. Once a match is made by two users liking each other, they are able to message one another.


Zoosk is a bit messier than some of the other dating apps, and some users complain that the majority of its services require a premium subscription. Nevertheless, it’s estimated that there about 33 million Zoosk users looking to find a significant other through the app.


Bumble is somewhat of an upscale-Tinder, with a cleaner interface and a user-base that seems to be a bit more polished. Whether that was intentional or not, Bumble seems to have attracted quite a large following. It also, like Coffee Meets Bagel, gives the ladies a bit more control over the process. In Bumble, the ladies are the ones that send the first message. Bumble uses the same “swipe” concept that Tinder does.


Crosspaths brings Tinder’s swipe concept to the world of Christian dating, where Christian singles can swipe left or right to find someone they are interested in, and if there is a match they are able to message one another.
While the ideal dating-scenario is meeting in real life, the busy world we live in sometimes requires a little something more for singles to meet. That’s why online dating has become so popular. These apps are available on the iPhone and others smartphones and are a great way for those who are too busy with work or life to start meeting singles around them.

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